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25 years ago it was only an idea in our founder’s mind. Today we are a structured organization present throughout the world. We have built our reliability brick by brick, conquer after conquer, overcoming every problem.


Tema Sistemi was founded in Italy with the aim to operate in the safety and fire-fighting fields, at first locally then progressively growing onto the whole national territory.

During the first years in the business, the company got specialized in the active fire-fighting protection.


Thanks to the initiative and the foresight of its founders, a family unit guided by common goals and values, after the first decade the company expanded its business abroad. That is how a small local reality become a bigger international company, penetrating the worldwide markets.


Today, our global presence is direct and widespread, oriented to guarantee a timely and continuous local support.



Our multi-ethnic team is composed by more then 150 people. A great richness of diversity and the technical skills characterize our heterogeneous group which is bounded by the reliability and the long term stability values, typical of a family inspired company.

The continuous observation and study of fire behaviour and the attitude to innovation has formed a team of highly skilled technicians.

Year after year, new generations of engineers of various specialization join the team. Everybody contributes to the company’s growth, making it ready to satisfy the utmost specific technical needs.

We select the best talents and train them on the field, feeding their passions, stimulating them to surpass their potential and still remaining focused on common goals. Every one of us is aware of having a fundamental role and carries out his proper activity with dedication. We always feel as part of a bigger project, the company, where the human capital is the most powerful technology.



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Our technologies to protect you from the fire


Aquatech®: the power of a water drop.

Our High pressure Water mist technology.

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Aquatech® Deluxe: Can you see it?

The invisible Water mist for luxurious areas

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High, medium and low expansion systems and equipment

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Nargotech®: natural gases for the environment’s sake

Our Inert gas: a half argon and a half nitrogen

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Clean agent: eco-friendly gases

The new generation of eco-friendly chemical gases

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Proven gas installation

The carbon dioxide fire-fighting solution (CO2) extinguishes rapidly without leaving any residue.

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Fire fighting systems and equipment of the “Eco-tradition”

Sprinklers, deluge systems and hydrants.

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Twin agents for the extreme fires

The Dry chemical – Foam solution with no need of energy power.

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FireFive®: the micelle encapsulator era

The next generation wetting agent and micelle encapsulator.

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Fire & Gas: timely prevention, prompt intervention

Engineering and integration of Fire & Gas detection systems.

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When you choose to hand us a project, we take care of every single step of its development, aiming to create with you a never-ending collaboration.

Our committed and specialized professionals follow each step of the project with passion and care. Our people are capable of answering to every specific need, sharing the goal of optimizing time, costs, processes and resources. Our aim is to deliver a quality product which guarantees efficiency for all its life-cycle and assures to our clients the best performances in terms of productiveness and efficiency.

The complete solutions:

Consulting & Engineering

A solid and durable firefighting solution, conform to the best quality and safety standards request by markets and regulations, firstly depends on an accurate assessment of the critical areas to protect. Starting from this meticulous analysis, we develop our consulting & engineering activities:

  • Audit and site assessment
  • Technical feasibility and cost analysis
  • Technical specifications
  • Basic engineering
  • Systems dimensioning and detailed engineering

Field service & operation

Depending on the specific client’s needs, our trained and qualified technical team directly carries out the installation, the commissioning and the start up or offer support and supervision to these activities. Every operation is carefully performed in accordance with the project technical specifications, guaranteeing the maximum protection against fire risk.

We firmly believe that the client feels safer when he knows the exact methodology of use of the system. For this reason, in collaboration with our partner company Tema Safety & Training, we offer worldwide training programmes on the use of our products, tailored on the specific applications and performed on real fires. The client can choose to attend the programmes in our train field or in their proper facilities.

  • Installation, commissioning and start up
  • Supervision to the installation, the commissioning and the start up
  • Training

Global Service

Every fire fighting solution needs a periodic check and maintenance, aimed to extend its life cycle, avoiding a possible loss of productivity derived from system use and deterioration.

Thanks to the widespread and local presence of our service division, we always guarantee the maximum efficiency of our technologies with scheduled and personalized maintenance programmes.

Our clients benefit of speedy delivery and replacement of both original spare parts and customizable and compatible components.

  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts replacement

Revamping, optimizing and modernizing

The safety of an area exposed to fire risk can be endangered by the presence of obsolete systems, that are no longer efficient.

The best way to increase the value of this technological patrimony is to regenerate the same system, through the integration of avant-guard solutions engineered to exceed the limits set in the past.

When possible, our intervention is oriented to modernize the fire-fighting systems already installed by extending their performances beyond their life-cycle.

With the purpose to save our customers’ investments and goods, we offer revamping, modernizing and optimizing activities, in order to enhance the existing fire extinguishing systems performances or update them to meet new regulations.


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