Inert Gas – Nargotech®

Inert Gas - Nargotech®

Nargotech®: natural gases for the environment’s sake

Our Inert gas: a half argon and a half nitrogen

The continuous activity of research and experimentation brought us, through the years, to develop innovative and performant products starting from the study of natural elements. Pushed by the big success achieved with our advanced Aquatech® Water mist technology, we decided to engineer a new alternative fire-fighting Gas solution: Nargotech®.

Nargotech® is a clean agent fire fighting system which uses a mixture of Inert gases composed of 50% Argon and 50% Nitrogen. This mix is pressurized at 200 or 300 bar and it is characterized by the same density of air.

Nargotech® is a odourless and colourless gas with no environmental impact. It is not corrosive, nor electrically conductive. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative silent nozzle, the Nargotech® system reduces the risk of loud noise during the gas discharging.

Nargotech® can be used to efficiently suppress any class fire.


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The Nargotech® system operates by total flooding: it respects the environment and guarantees a prompt suppression of the fire by lowering the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. When the concentration of oxygen in the air lowers under the 15%, in fact, the combustion of more than 90% of the combustibles is inhibited. Therefore, the discharging of Nargotech® in the areas affected by the fire, guarantees an immediate suppression of it.

Retention time and gas releases are verified by “Door Fan Integrity Test”.

The system can be actuated by:

Automatic actuation thanks to the detection system located in the protected area. When it detects the fire, the control station activates the solenoid valve located on the pilot cylinder, and consequently, the entire cylinder skid through the pneumatic line.

Electrical/manual actuation. Its operation is identical to the automatic system once and the activation is set by a manual command switch located outside the protected area.

Manual emergency actuation. In case of lack of power energy, the system can be activated by emergency command control.


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200 or 300 bar pressurized cylinder skid

Flow rate discharging valve

Opening command, manometer and pressure switch

Inlet manifold connected to the distribution network

Discharging nozzles

Pilot cylinder

Electrical-manual actuator

There are several system configurations which can include one or more cylinders to protect one or more rooms of different sizes. If the system is engineered to protect more than one room, the manifold is equipped by an electro-pneumatic section valve.

The manifold is provided of safety valve in cases of system malfunction.

Nargotech® cylinder

Flow rate discharging valve

Pilot cylinder




Control station


Optical and acoustical alarm register

Pressure switch


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Data center

Electrical cabinet

Communication center

Archives and libraries

Control stations



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Engineering of the Nargotech® system

An efficient Nargotech® fire protection system requires an adequate study and preliminary risk analysis aimed to define: the kind of combustible involved, its related concentration of the project and the quantity of mixture to use.

The extinguishing concentration is the minimum concentration needed to suppress fires, calculated on the basis of fire test; this is crucial to define the project concentration.

The Nargotech® system is engineered using a VdS hydraulic calculation software, which provides the following outputs:

Extinction concentration rate

Design of the product quantity

Design of the fire-fighting network, the calibrated holes of the nozzles and the restrictor

Discharging time and related simulation

Design of the openings related to the overpressure of the volumes

Calculation of the residual oxygen quantity after the discharge


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  • No environmental impact
  • No toxic
  • No damages to structure and furniture
  • High visibility during discharging
  • Odourless and colourless
  • Reduced discharging time
  • No agent residues
  • Compatible with any kind of detection system
  • Not electrical conductive
  • High availability of the extinguishing agent
  • Cost saving
  • Efficacy on every class of fire


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