Water Mist – Aquatech®

Water Mist - Aquatech®

Aquatech®: the power of a water drop.

Our High pressure Water mist technology.

Aquatech® is our best achievement: the leading product which makes us competitive on the international markets.

Our Research & Development department has been among the first ones in Europe to study and test atomized water fire fighting technology.

The goal was to engineer our own water mist solution: Aquatech®.

On the basis of clients’ need, the team of experts engineers and manufactures various Aquatech® system configurations. The main products are:

Aquatech® High pressure Water mist operating at 100 – 110 bars. It reduces the diameter of water drops penetrating the fire more deeply.

Aquatech® Plus Low pressure Water mist operating at 8 – 12 bars. It uses a mixture of water and the special wetting agent FireFive®, capable of maximizing the power of water.

Furthermore, we launched in the market a brand new product: Aquatech® Deluxe, an invisible Water mist solution for luxurious places.

On the basis of the European regulations about fire protection on railway vehicles (CEN TS 45545), and to meet the specific need of the sector, we have developed a specific portfolio of Aquatech® & Aquatech® Plus products.

Every system configuration is developed and tested in our laboratories for indoor and outdoor simulations and it is approved by the most renewed international certifications bodies, in order to guarantee the highest performances on every specific application.

The innovative Water mist technology is 100% eco- friendly: with no need of disposal operations, it dramatically reduces water consumption and business down time, eliminating damages to buildings and furniture.

Aquatech® is an advanced atomized water technology, capable of replacing even the most effective fire fighting systems. Its efficacy is demonstrated even in scenarios where the use of water as extinguishing agent was previously rejected, as in the case of CED rooms.

Furthermore, Aquatech® can replace Gas systems in the applications where the traditional water technologies are not appropriate, profiling itself as a reliable, ecologic and human safe solution. In fact, just like a gas, Aquatech® operates by total flooding, penetrating the fire even in the tightest spaces and removing the oxygen from the combustion area.

Moreover, the Water mist technology reduces the radiant heat from the heart of the fire and inhibits smokes.

Unlike the gas systems, Aquatech® has no enclosure integrity requirements and it can be discharged in human presence with no need of disposal operation.

All Aquatech® configurations can be integrated with every typology of control and fire detection systems available on the market.


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  • Buildings and Cultural heritage: Hotels, shopping malls and hospitals, Churches and cathedrals, Theatres and museum, Libraries and archives, Warehouses and deposits, Car park, Kitchens, Data centers and technical rooms
  • Oil & gas and industries: turbines, generators and transformers, cable tunnels, electric cabinet, conveyor belts, transformers and electric substation, pc and telecommunication rooms, engine rooms, oil tanks
  • Marine: engine room, accommodation areas, ro-ro decks, gallies and deep fryer, balconies, hangars, bilges
  • Transportation: Galleries and Tunnels, Hangars, train and underground stations, airports, trains
  • Luxurious places: Boutiques and show rooms, yacht and cruise ships, historical buildings, luxurious areas.


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Aquatech® is conceived to be highly modular with advanced performances, capable of suppress the most severe fires, thanks to the generation of directable atomized water.

The micro-droplets discharged by the system, before reaching the fire, turn into vapour which propagates and displaces the oxygen in the combustion area, removing the quantity need by the combustion process and so suppressing the fire.

The oxygen displacement occurs only near the source of the fire. In every surrounding area the percentage of the oxygen in the atmosphere remains unchanged, allowing to the present people to breath normally. Furthermore, the rapid transformation of water into vapour causes an immediate reduction of the heat and lowers the temperature, preventing the fire propagation.

Before reaching the fire, the micro-drops remove gases and hydro soluble smokes, getting so heavier and falling down. This phenomenon allows people evacuation and survival, keeping the air safe to breathe.

Aquatech® extinguishes fires very rapidly and guarantees an extreme both volumetric and local protection.


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  • AQUATECH® NOZZLES the smallest on the international market open or closed equipped with heat-sensitive bulb or concealed
  • PRESSURIZATION SYSTEM with Pump unit (Aquatech® GAP), installed on a skid unit composed by electric pumps: the main, the reserve and the jockey pumps, provided with PLC control panel for a 100% system automation
  • Cylinder unit (Aquatech® GAB), installed on a skid unit and composed by water storage cylinders and nitrogen pressurized cylinders to allow water atomization.

Aquatech® Plus can be whether powered by a propellant nitrogen cylinder and a tailor made tank containing a mixture of water and wetting agent or by a pumping system equipped with a mixer able to guarantee the correct mix of water and additive.


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Intelligent use of water

  • Minimum water use (up to 90% less than traditional systems)
  • No enclosure integrity requirements
  • No building and furniture damages
  • No need of disposal operations
  • 100% safe for people and environment
  • low maintenance and recharge costs
  • Reduced restoring time
  • possibility of immediate discharging with no need of pre-alarm
  • high heat removal performance and immediate control of the fire
  • better visibility during discharging
  • smoke and gas removal

Aquatech® technology

  • excellent suppression performances
  • nozzles design in harmony with the architecture
  • small piping and fittings
  • easy installation
  • flexible configuration
  • system reduction of weight and size
  • tested and approved
  • customized system
  • long-lasting
  • Easy retrofit


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