Twin Agent

Twin Agent

Twin agents for the extreme fires

The Dry chemical – Foam solution with no need of energy power

Twin agent systems are the ideal solution for fires in extreme conditions as in cases of: three-dimensional fires, high risk areas, lack of power energy, human presence.

Twin agents combine benefits of dry chemical with foam concentrate, providing an excellent protection for class A, B and C fire.

All our Twin Agent configurations are approved, even by military certification bodies. In particular, for marine applications, we obtained the RINA certification (“FREMM Frigates Consolidated Edition 2006”), overcoming with a positive result the severe shock tests according to NAV-30-A001 regulations. These systems are engineered to protect heli deck for Italian Navy.

The combined use of dry chemical and fire fighting foam is a very efficient solution because it matches the capability of the dry chemical to immediate suppress the flames with the extinguishing power and the re-ignition inhibition properties of foam concentrate.

We produce different fixed and mobile configurations of systems: traditional wheeled units, carried out by only one operator; fixed units, engineered in relation to the extension of the protected area and carried out by at least two operators.

Landing platforms on skyscrapers


  • Dehumidifier and oil skimmer station cabinet
  • Nitrogen cylinder skid for tanks pressurization
  • Dry chemical tanks;
  • Foam tanks;
  • Pneumatic command station for monitor and hose reel
  • Manual hydraulic drive control station
  • Twin monitor manually trained on site or by remote
  • Fire hose reel with double dry chemical – foam twin gun


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