Research & Development

Research & Development

Among the pioneers of the most innovative fire technologies in Europe, in the last 10 years we have been investing many resources in Research & Development, in order to engineer and manufacture always more performing fire extinguishing products for the environment’s sake.

We believe that improvement has no limits!

The Research and Development department is the beating heart of our company, nourished by a staff of experts in fire safety who strongly cooperate with the aim to discover new ways of producing innovation.

Observation, study, analysis of the traditional solutions; exploration and experimentation of cutting-edge systems and extinguishing agents: these are our daily dynamics that go through eco-sustainable development. In fact, in our fire fighting projects we support an eco-friendly policy. We observe natural elements, study their behaviors, enhance their properties translating them into technological fire extinguishing solutions.

For us, Research & Development is testing extinguishing products and agents on real fires.

For this reason, in collaboration with our partner company Tema Safety & Training, we have built certified laboratories and test fields, equipped for live indoor and outdoor simulations.