Fire & Gas

Fire & Gas

Fire & Gas: timely prevention, prompt intervention

Engineering and integration of Fire & Gas detection systems


One of the most advanced division of our company, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector is the electrical/electronic department.

With the precious collaboration of the most renowned brands, the division has gained competence and excellency in the designing, integration and installation of sophisticated Fire & Gas detection systems, in accordance with the international regulations.

The primary goal of a fire detection system is to ensure a prompt intervention through a timely detection of fire and gases, even in the most critical situations.

In order to meet the needs of different fire technologies and scenarios, we engineer and manufacture various typologies of detectors:

Fire – Collective for small places or areas with no need of localized detection

Fire – Addressable for big dimension places or areas with need of localized detection

Fire – Fire extinguishing units for the actuation according to fire suppression gas systems Regulation

Toxic and or harmful gases

Flammable and or explosive gases

In order to improve our client experience, every Fire & Gas solution cab be equipped with supervision systems able to facilitate PLC, DCS and detection system management, thanks to an efficient and user-friendly graphic interface.

Typology of Fire and Gas detectors

Our detectors are capable of detecting fire and or gases even in the worst conditions:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Temperature detectors
  • Multi criterion detectors
  • Flames detectors
  • Resettable and non resettable heat detectors
  • Heat detector through optical fiber
  • Toxic gases detectors
  • Explosive gases

Our F & G integrated systems are customized and adaptable to any type of application.

  • Integrated detection and suppression system
  • Very modular and flexible solution
  • System based on the most innovative technologies
  • Intuitive high technology monitoring systems
  • Easy installation and maintenance


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