Clean Agent – Chemical Gases

Clean Agent - Chemical Gases

Clean agent: eco-friendly gases

The new generation of eco-friendly chemical gases

For fires at high risk of immediate propagation or located in confined spaces, Clean agent systems are an extremely efficient solution.

Clean agents are eco-friendly gases able to suppress immediately fires. These fire fighting solutions are engineered to mix in a homogeneous way the gas with the air present in the protected room, in order to reach the concentration needed to extinguish the fire in 10 seconds. Among clean agents, the most common class is that of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and assimilates, of which we install 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid (Sinorix 1230), HFC227ea, HFC125.

The HFC solutions stock the gas in the liquid state and require less quantities of extinguishing agent then other gas systems. For this reason, the clean agent solution need smaller spaces.

In the last decade, fire fighting gas technology has been evolving due to the gradual substitution of Halon1301, which has lead to the engineering of brand new eco-friendly fire fighting products. HFC solutions operate by total flooding, thanks to the mix of air and gas that acts directly on the combustion process, inhibiting it.

This kind of intervention has the advantage of creating homogeneous conditions in the whole protected area, without damaging other equipment exposed to the fire. The air-gas concentration must be maintained constant until the flames are totally suppressed.

The retention time and the gas escapes are verified through “Door Fan Integrity Test”.

Description of the system

25 or 42 bars pressurized total flooding system

configuration based on main cylinder and slave cylinder

sorting valve

various cylinder sizes and capacities (up to 140 litres)

engineered and manufactured with a dedicated calculation software, according to NFPA-EN Regulation

precautions to avoid exposition to the clean agent (evacuation alarms, discharge delay)

Art galleries


Archives and libraries

Electrical equipment

CED room

Pc room

Control room

Telecommunication equipment

Electrical substation


  • Immediate suppression
  • No residue after discharging
  • Minimum system weight and size requirements
  • No furniture damages
  • Low toxic levels
  • Not corrosive
  • Not electrical conductive, no damages caused by short circuits or residues
  • Eliminates the risk of residual flames


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