Wetting Agent – FireFive®

Wetting Agent - FireFive®

FireFive®: the micelle encapsulator era

The next generation wetting agent and micelle encapsulator.

FireFive® is the innovative UL certified wetting agent which revolutionized the traditional approach of fire fighting, developed by our partner company Zelig Hi-Tech.

FireFive® is more then a wetting agent able to maximize the water extinguishing power and cooling strength. It is also a micelle encapsulator which neutralizes the hydrocarbon molecules.

Laboratory and field tests on live fire, performed in cooperation with fire fighters and military bodies, have shown that FireFive®, mixed with water in a very low percentage, inhibits the chain reaction at the basis of the combustion process and extinguishes class A, B, D and F (K) fires. Moreover, it can supress three-dimensional fires which, as a matter of common knowledge, foams can not suppress.

FireFive® is biodegradable, non-toxic, not corrosive, with an effectiveness even in the most extreme atmospheric conditions (up to -28° C / -18° F).

Its efficiency is tested and certified by UL according to Regulation NFPA 18 and RINA.

In compliance with European REACH Regulation for chemical agent classification, FireFive® requires no special equipment and can be used both with fire mixer and in premixed solution.


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FireFive® suppresses fires very quickly thanks to its four properties. It is able to: maximizing the water power, reducing the heat, encapsulating and neutralizing the hydrocarbon molecules, interrupting the free radical chain reaction.

The water surface tension lowers about three fold when it is mixed with FireFive®: single water drops get separate into more little droplets, loosing their spherical shape, with consequent increasing of wettability, penetrating the fire more deeply and quickly. Deducting heat from fire, FireFive® drastically lowers the temperature of the application zone and the surrounding areas too, inhibiting re-ignition, backfires and radiation.

Moreover, it restricts the chain reaction of the free radicals, high reactivity particles which stoke combustion propagation and smoke production. Encapsulating toxic smokes and vapours, FireFive® increases visibility, rendering the environment safer for rescue operators.

One of the most astonishing FireFive® features is to encapsulate both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon molecules, even in three-dimensional fire cases. It encloses fuel molecules with a chemical covering named micelle, isolating and neutralizing them, rendering them non-flammable.


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Oil, chemical and petrochemical Industries

Oil tanks

Rim Seal Floating Roof Tanks

Process plants

Warehouses of semi-finished and finished products (polymers and elastomers)

Power plants

Loading bays

Metallurgic industry

Process plants

Coal warehouses


Conveyor belts

Manufacturing industry

Warehouses of semi-finished and finished (wheels, plastic, wood, paper, fabrics)

Civil buildings and forest fires

Technical room

Forest fires (provided to fire brigades)





Machinery spaces

Accommodation spaces


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  • Extreme versatility for class A, B, D and F (K) fires
  • High cooling power
  • Encapsulation and neutralization of hydrocarbons
  • Inhibition of toxic smokes and vapour
  • The lowest mixing ratio on the market
  • Drastic reduction of suppression time
  • Save of water used to extinguish the fire
  • Damages reduction
  • Minimum business dowtime
  • Effectiveness up to -28° C (-18° F) thanks to its lower viscosity
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable


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FireFive® System is the powerful and eco-friendly fire protection system, designed to guarantee the global protection of hybrid warehouses.
It is effective on class A, B, D and F fires and is therefore able to extinguish fires. deriving from different types of materials, solids and/or liquids at the same time.
It is the perfect system for the protection of company warehouses, where, in the course of business, it is customary to store different types of materials belonging to different fire classes. (e.g. production and packaging materials, office materials, various consumables, warehouse furniture, etc.).
FireFive® System uses the FireFive® mixture as extinguishing agent, the non-toxic and biodegradable wetting agent, able to suppress fires in a few seconds, especially three-dimensional ones, immediately cooling everything it encounters.
The Firefive® mixture maximises the degree of heat absorption and reduces shutdown times by 50%.
FireFive® System uses Aquatech® plus low pressure water mist technology compliant with UNI CEN/TS 14972 for fixed fire-fighting installations (water mist systems).

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