Water Mist Invisible – ASN and Aquatech® Deluxe

Water Mist Invisible - ASN and Aquatech® Deluxe

ASN by Aquatech® is the latest Tema Sistemi water mist technology designed to intelligently and elegantly protect luxury environments.

It is the first water mist fire extinguishing system capable of combining extinguishing effectiveness and efficiency with an extraordinary Made in Italy design.

Thanks to Aquatech® water mist technology, it quickly extinguishes fires through the production of an extremely fine, directional mist that cools and quenches the fire in a very short time.

The small size of the single droplet not only allows the mist to be transformed into water vapour very quickly, but also ensures that the water does not penetrate the furniture and cause damage to it.

It is a 100% eco-friendly solution as it does not require disposal and offers a higher level of suppression than traditional systems, drastically reducing water consumption (around 90% less than traditional systems), damage to rooms and restoration times.

An environmentally friendly and human-safe alternative to sprinkler and gas systems.

A ‘test tool’ designed in the laboratories of Tema Sistemi SpA allows maintenance operations to be carried out quickly and

easily, minimising the time and cost of restoration.

ASN was created to challenge the traditional perception of fire protection: the system blends perfectly into the environment in which it is installed. The nozzle is only visible in the event of a fire. Its cover can be customised in any colour and material.


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ASN by Aquatech® quickly extinguishes fires by producing a fine and directional mist. Micro-drops of water delivered at high pressure perform the triple action of cooling, oxygen reduction and radiant heat attenuation.

It prevents the spread of flames thanks to ‘smart activation’ technology: once the first nozzle is activated, the adjacent nozzles are automatically activated to circulate the fire.

With ASN it is possible to test the operation of the system in a few seconds without dismantling the nozzles. The Test Tool designed and developed by the Research & Development department allows to test the function of ASN quickly and easily,

The nozzle only appears in the event of a fire, blending perfectly into the environment in which it is installed.


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● hotel and resort

● boutique and showroom

● yacht and cruiseships

● luxury environments

● historical buildings

● museums and art galleries

● malls


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● Completely invisible

● Does not damage furnitures

● Immediate extinguishment and fire containment

● Made in Italy design

● Fully customisable covers in colours and materials

● Nozzle available in stainless steel or marine bronze

● Automatic and electrical activation

● Impossibility of accidental tampering and activations

● Easy mantenaince and remote control via Tema Sistemi server


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Aquatech® Deluxe: Can you see it?

The invisible Water mist for luxurious areas 

Aquatech® Deluxe is our revolutionary and certified Invisible Water mist solution conceived to protect luxurious places.

Created by our R&D department, Aquatech® Deluxe is a High pressure Water mist which generates a subtle mist of micro-droplets directed through appropriate discharger nozzles, completely engineered, manufactured and tested in our proper laboratories.

Aquatech® Deluxe combines the reliability of the Water mist fire solution to a contemporary, elegant and customizable design. The innovative Water mist technology of Aquatech®, cleverly uses the extreme extinguishing power of a simple water drop. The ceiling mounted stainless steel pipes are considerably smaller then in the traditional Water systems, thanks to the low flow rate of Aquatech® nozzles.

More over, the use of a dry piping reduces the possibility of corrosion, which is a very important aspect for marine applications and in case of collisions or system alterations, it eliminates the risk of liquids leakage at high pressure (100 bars).

What makes Aquatech® Deluxe a unique worldwide product is its exclusive and elegant Made in Italy design. Made with high quality materials, the Aquatech® Deluxe “appearing” nozzles, produced in our own company are the smallest on the international market. They can be personalized with materials and finishing in the same colours as the rooms or spaces.

Thanks to the perfect integration of its “appearing nozzles”, Aquatech® Deluxe guarantees no architectonic changes.

Aquatech® Deluxe is invisible and appears only when it is activated to extinguish the fire.


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    Aquatech® Deluxe is characterized by a particular activation mechanism which assures its performances in three phases:

    • rest
    • alert
    • intervention

    REST: Aquatech® Deluxe is perfectly integrated in the ceiling therefore completely invisible in any location.

    ALERT: the nozzles pop out of the ceiling and are ready to work.

    INTERVENTION: Aquatech® Deluxe, only in cases of real fires starts its intervention.


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    Aquatech® Deluxe is engineered by our R&D department for the fire protection of high aesthetics demand applications

    • luxurious places
    • historical and cultural buildings
    • churches and cathedrals
    • museums and art galleries
    • shopping malls
    • hotels and resorts
    • shops and showrooms
    • yachts and cruise ships


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    • Minimum water consumption: up to 10 times less compared to the traditional water system
    • 100% eco-friendly: no need of discharging
    • Better visibility during its operation
    • No damages caused by the water
    • Easy installation
    • Minimum weight and space requisites
    • Smallest nozzles on the international market
    • No Impact on the architecture
    • Modern and Elegant Design
    • Best quality materials
    • Possibility of personalizing the accessory by choosing the colour and the finishing
    • Manufactured and tested in our laboratories
    • Approved by the most renowned International Certification bodies
    • No enclosure integrity requirements


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