CO2: proven gas installation

The carbon dioxide fire-fighting solution (CO2) extinguishes rapidly without leaving any residue. CO2 has no need of disposal operation and guarantees an immediate restoration of the activities.

The carbon dioxide is an eco-friendly, odourless and colourless gas. It is not not corrosive, nor electrically conductive. During the discharging, the CO2 turn into a white vapour which is clean, dry and does not damage materials.

Our CO2 product portfolio includes the whole range: total saturation and local application systems, low pressure (up to 18 bar) and high pressure (up to 70 bar).

Once the system is (automatically or manually) activated, the carbon dioxide intervenes with a double action:

Immediate cooling down, thanks to a rapid spreading of the gas

Fire suppression, inhibiting the combustion process by reducing the oxygen present in the air

The system design and the quantity of CO2 needed are calculated according to NFPA 12.

The CO2 systems must be used in human absence because the gases are not breathable:

Electrical equipment

Paint spray booth

Electrical cabinet

CED rooms

Engine rooms


Equipment containing flammable liquids

Electrical rooms


  • Cost saving
  • Suitable for any type of fire
  • no damages to materials
  • not corrosive
  • no residue
  • Fast suppression and quick restoration
  • no discharge needed


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