From an Idea to Realization: the process of creation, researching, and testing of TEMA SISTEMI SPA Products.

From an Idea to Realization: the process of creation, researching, and testing of TEMA SISTEMI SPA Products.

In the February issue of Antincendio magazine, we talked about Aquatech®’s ASN, the latest water mist patent filed by Tema Sistemi SpA with highly innovative technological content.
In March we talked about Firefive®, the UL-certified wetting agent, developed and manufactured by the Tema Group, capable of maximizing the extinguishing power of water.
But how are the products of Tema Sistemi SpA born?

Product development within Tema Sistemi Spa stems from a constant drive for innovation and sustainability.
“In the current era, innovation is imperative: it is no longer enough to adapt existing solutions to new applications. We need to create environmentally sustainable products that overcome the limitations of the past,” stresses the company’s CEO. “The goal is to develop solutions that not only improve performance, but also ensure maximum protection of people, assets, and the environment.”
This is the driving force behind five of the group’s 45 experienced firefighting engineers who make up the R&D department-the company’s beating heart.



To bring new technologies to life, we start with a rigorous scientific phase, which then results in the creation of numerous prototypes.

Lab tests

Using sophisticated 3- and 5-axis machining centers, we create a series of models, from which only the one with the best performance will then be selected.

Subsequently, the prototypes go through the third-party Brand Technology laboratory, and undergo 29 cycles of mechanical, chemical and thermal stress tests to ensure durable corrosion resistance, reliable operation over time and solid structural integrity.


A key element that has enabled the company to produce the most efficient water mist systems in the industry is the search for the perfect balance between water quantity, droplet diameter and pressure. This is made possible by the PDPA (Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer), a state-of-the-art laser capable of measuring the size of water mist droplets on the order of microns precisely.

Water Mist Dispensing

Thanks to this revolutionary tool, we are able to precisely calibrate our Water Mist firefighting systems, ensuring optimal performance and unprecedented fire protection recognized by major agencies such as the Fire Department or the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, which has ascertained its goodness following fire tests on canvases and paintings from the 1700s.

Ancient painting Borghese Gallery Rome

From prototype testing, we then move on to full-scale fire testing.
Fire tests are conducted in a special area, consisting of indoor (2,500 m²) and outdoor (10,000 m²) spaces, which is set up from time to time faithfully reproducing the environment for which the product is intended on a 1/1 scale or following scenarios from the various European or international standards. Whether it is a hotel room, a library, an industrial environment or a ship or railway carriage, the space is designed by reproducing the environment in question in terms of dimensions, equipment and furnishings present with the aim of creating the real fire risk.
The results are carefully monitored in a special room equipped with certified instrumentation.

Full-scale test on paintings

These tests are performed under the supervision of certifying bodies such as RINA, BV, FM, UL etc., which, over the years, have attested to the quality and reliability of Tema Sistemi SpA products.

Fire Test

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