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We collect, analyze and dispose of your Halon and NaF equipment.
Free of charge.

Halon and NaF gases are particularly effective on Class B and C fires as they can stop fires by chemical interruption of combustion.
These agents were widely used until the early 1990s. The Montréal Protocol, since 1990, has banned their use because they have been recognised as responsible for the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer.
The directives also require the disposal (or possible replacement) of these gases. The only exception is done for Halon gases, which may only be used for “critical uses”.

Authorised Halon and NaF Gas Collection Centre

In response to these needs, we provide a free collection, recovery and disposal service for Halon and NaF.
Our Collection Centre is authorised to treat these substances by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and is part of Ecofire, the consortium for the collection and treatment of Halon. Twenty years of operation in the fire-fighting sector has enabled us to acquire specific know-how in the treatment of these gases and to make our contribution to the protection of the planet’s ozone layer.


Thank to the support of specialized technical personnel, we ensure the safety removal and weighing of the material to be disposed or recovered. Subsequently, the material is transported by ADR vehicles to the Tema Sistemi Collection Centre and is stored in special areas.


At the Collection Centre we repeat the weighing operations to check that there were no leaks during transport and then we analyse the materials. The objective of the analysis is to issue the Certificate of Analysis which proves the contents of the containers and certifies their degree of purity.


After analysis, we send materials for disposal to thermal destruction plants.


If required, we provide for the regeneration of Halons gases through filtration and cleaning processes until they are completely restored.



To replace Halon and NaF we offer our customers environmentally friendly alternative solutions. In particular we suggest Clean Agents such as:

  • 3M™ Novec™ 1230
  • FM 200
  • NAF 125

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