Transportation and Infrastructures

Transportation and Infrastructures

Fires in airports, trains, subways, tunnels are not uncommon and when they occur they are extremely dangerous. Moreover, the breaking out of a fire has a negative impact on the regular human activities because it affects people’s mobility, causing inconvenience.

In such cases, the substantial economical consequences are due to vehicles and structures damages and also to the inactivity during the restoration time.

Fire protection of transportation and infrastructure applications is challenging and depends on the specific characteristics of the structure. Our absolute priority is always to safeguard the physical and psychological safety of the passengers and the operators.

Our dedicated team of professionals develops and installs every system as to fit the specific needs of the sector, developing innovative, customer oriented and tested fire solutions, approved by governmental authorities at a global level.



Trains and Subways

We have developed a high technology integrated Water mist solution for the protection of rolling stock, in accordance with ARGE Guideline and of railway vehicles, in accordance with UNI 11565:2016.

Aquatech® & Aquatech® Plus Water mist solutions are easy to install both into retrofits and new vehicles; engineered to guarantee the maximum efficiency, protecting the integrity of the furniture and the passengers’ health.

The nebulized water technology at high and low pressure and the use of sorting area systems,

allow to optimizing the quantity of the extinguishing agent and, therefore, the total weight of the system.

The system is provided of stainless steel or bronze discharging nozzles, with no rotating or moving components, characterized by an accurate and elegant design.

Aquatech® & Aquatech® Plus guarantee the best performances even in the most extreme atmospheric conditions, keeping the temperature of the extinguishing agent stored in the tank, above the freezing point.

One of our most innovative solution in this sector has been engineered for the fire protection of train toilets and it is certified to be activated even in human presence.

Aquatech® Train Toilet is an integrated High pressure Water mist solution which extinguishes fires using a mixture of water and the wetting agent FireFive®.

Thanks to the exclusive “appearing” design, Aquatech® Train Toilet nozzles remain concealed when the system is not activated, eliminating the risk of vandalism.



Tunnels and galleries

In case of a fire in tunnels and galleries, evacuation is rather difficult. In such circumstances, the suppression of the fire before its propagation is crucial because it can compromise the stability of the structures and turn them into a real trap. That is why we deliver automatic and integrated fire fighting solutions to guarantee an early detection and a prompt intervention.

Our automatic fire detection and suppression systems allow to reduce as much as possible potential damages to these expensive infrastructures.

Thanks to our specialized team, we engineer solutions both for retrofit and for new constructions.

Our aim is to deliver a quality product which guarantees efficiency for all its life-cycle and assures to our clients the best performances in terms of productiveness and efficiency. Know more about our service activities.

Our technologies for Transportation and Infrastructures:




  • Trains and subways
  • Train stations
  • Road & rail tunnels
  • Vehicles
  • Marine & Offshore applications
  • Airports and heliports
  • Marine stations



  • Passenger and public spaces
  • Toilets
  • Electrical panels and rooms
  • Control panels
  • Power centers
  • UPSs
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Tunnels
  • HVACs
  • Offices
  • Kitchens and galleys
  • Elevators 
  • Fuel tanks
  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Baggage carousels
  • Control towers and open spaces
  • Hangars and runways
  • Engines

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