Luxurious Areas

Luxurious Areas

Everybody knows that luxury is MADE IN ITALY.

Just like us.

It was our Italian heritage that fostered us to pioneer the luxury design in the fire safety sector.

This ambition brought us to develop an exclusive brand new product: the invisible Water mist fire fighting solution.

Aquatech® Deluxe is a revolutionary “appearing” fire fighting technology with no impact on the architecture, able to keep the system hidden in the ceiling when is not activated. Moreover, the integrity of the environment and the structures is guaranteed by the atomized water technology which quickly controls and suppresses the fire using very small quantity of water, reducing collateral damages to the minimum.

Aquatech® Deluxe puts together the reliability of nebulized water of slim high-pressure water technology with the elegance of a hidden pop-up technology.

In order to improve the experience of Aquatech® Deluxe we offer to our clients the chance to benefit from the personalized services of Premium installation for the application with the highest aesthetic demand and the Remote support service which allows the system control and management at a distance.

Aquatech® Deluxe has no competitors.

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The Invisible Water mist Aquatech® Deluxe is part of our brand new Deluxe line, a complete MADE IN ITALY products portfolio created to meet the Luxury demand in the fire safety sector.

With the Deluxe line for luxurious applications we propose to our clients:

the supreme Water mist technology of Aquatech® Deluxe with no architectonic impact;

the complete product portfolio of Sicurnet chrome extinguishers;

the elegance of Hydrobox Deluxe, the recess hydrant box manufactured by Zelig Hi-Tech;

the contemporary design of safety signals and signs by Marin, manufactured both with innovative materials and Murano glass, expression of the most traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Deluxe is a line created to challenge the traditional approach of fire fighting which denies the idea of combining safety with beauty and elegance.

Our aim is to deliver a quality product which guarantees efficiency for all its life-cycle and assures to our clients the best performances in terms of productiveness and efficiency. Know more about our service activities.

Our technologies for Luxurious areas:


  • Historical buildings and cultural patrimony
  • Luxury buildings
  • Museums and theatres
  • Hotel and resorts
  • Yachts and cruise ships
  • Business centers
  • Shopping malls
  • UNESCO heritage sites


  • Showrooms & Boutiques
  • Churches and cathedrals
  • Libraries
  • Rooms, lobbies and corridors
  • Domes, attics, roofs
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