FireFive® is the revolutionary, UL-certified wetting agent that, when mixed with water in very low percentages, can extinguish Class A, B, D and F fires simultaneously.

FireFive® extinguishes fires in a very short time, performing a quadruple action on them: it enhances the effect of water, subtracts heat from the fire, encapsulates and neutralises hydrocarbon molecules, and interrupts the free radical chain reaction.




Thanks to its wetting technology, FireFive® is able to maximise the power of the water, decreasing its surface tension by approximately 3 times, thus favouring greater penetration of the extinguishing agent into the fire.



The reduction in surface tension leads to a reduction in the size of the water droplets, which lose their characteristic spherical shape as they become fragmented. In addition, FireFive® performs an action of heat removal from the fire, drastically lowering the temperature of both the treated area and its surroundings, inhibiting flashbacks, radiation and spontaneous re-ignition.



Where foam fails, FireFive® encapsulates, cools and extinguishes.

The chemical action at the heart of FireFive®’s operation enables it to achieve better extinguishing performance than conventional foam. The latter, in fact, work by suffocation and create an insulating blanket on the surface of the fuel that must be maintained over time to be effective. FireFive®, on the other hand, only needs to come into contact with the fuel and vapours in order to isolate and inert them, thus suppressing the most hazardous fires in a very short time. It also removes heat from the fire and brings the temperature below the point of combustion, significantly reducing flashover and re-ignition phenomena.

This difference is particularly noticeable in three-dimensional fires, vertical structures and installations, which cannot be extinguished quickly by foams as they would have to be totally submerged. FireFive®, on the other hand, thanks to its dual nature as a wetting agent and micellar encapsulator, can effectively penetrate the most porous materials.

Unlike foaming agents, FireFive® can also be pre-mixed in water, resulting in optimisation of system space and costs. In addition, it can be used with long-range nozzles such as monitors or hydrants, allowing the water to reach considerable distances.

FireFive® can be used in combination with traditional film-foamers. In fact, we have tested, both in the laboratory and in full-scale field trials, that the simultaneous action of FireFive® and film-forming foamers generates the most effective extinguishing power, averting the danger of reigniting flames.



In addition to being extremely effective, FireFive® is also a sustainable product.
In fact, it contains no fluorinated substances and therefore does not release highly persistent chemical compounds into the environment and the body, such as PFCs (perfluorocarbons). This means that their impact on the environment and human health is minimised. Using FireFive® therefore means safeguarding the health of personnel employed in rescue operations by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals.



  • Multipurpose additive for fire classes A, B , D, F
  • Effective for 3D fires, where foam often fails
  • Micellar encapsulator (Class B liquid/vapour fuels)
  • Maximises the extinguishing power of water
  • Reduces extinguishing time and saves up to 50% water (REDUCES DAMAGE TO STRUCTURES)
  • Lowest mixing ratios on the market, certified by UL
  • Reduces toxic fumes and vapours
  • Strong cooling capacity
  • Effective down to minus -28°C (-18°F)
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • In accordance with REACH regulation
  • Reduced operating costs




Hydrocarbon tank

FireFive® also proves its effectiveness when applied in the shell cooling systems of large hydrocarbon tanks. Thanks to its encapsulating action, it creates a protective barrier that prevents the involvement of adjacent structures in the fire.


Structures and process plants containing flammable liquids

By spraying flammable liquid fuels in the vicinity of the fire with FireFive®, they are inerted and the spread of flames is inhibited.


Loading/unloading bays containing combustible solids

FireFive® is effective on fires containing combustible solids due to its surface wetting properties.


Power plants




Coal deposits and conveyor belts

The special chemical action of FireFive® allows water to penetrate porous materials such as coal more easily. In our tests, we found very fast extinguishing times and an incredible fight against the risk of re-ignition.


Process plants


Electrical transformers



Warehouses of semi-finished and finished products

Tests have shown that FireFive® is highly effective in extinguishing fires from semi-finished and finished polymers, wood, tyres and textiles. The possibility of using it with sprinklers and water mist makes it the ideal solution for the protection of warehouses and storage facilities, eliminating the risk of damage to goods (as is the case when using foamers).


Hybrid Warehouses

When an activity is undertaken, whether commercial or industrial, fire protection in storage warehouses is designed and implemented considering only the type of materials that are produced and/or marketed by the company. However, in the course of the company’s life, the tendency is to store, also due to lack of usable space, materials of different kinds within the same warehouse.
In addition to production materials, the following materials enter the warehouse: office materials (paper, reams, pens, scissors, toner, staplers, etc.) – cleaning materials (alcohol, bleaches, ammonia, paper, rags, etc.) – packaging materials (wooden pallets, bubble wrap, adhesive tapes, etc.) – various consumables (oils, paints, alcohol, electrical materials, etc.), warehouse furniture (shelving, plastics, etc.)

In this case, Firefive® is the perfect solution as it is able to extinguish fires from different types of materials, solids and/or liquids simultaneously.


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