The new section valve designed for the Italian Navy

The new section valve designed for the Italian Navy

Tema Sistemi S.p.A. has designed, manufactured and certified an innovative section valve for Water Mist
systems capable of allowing the operation of military ships both in “normal” and “combat” mode.
This valve allows the sorting of the supply to the various sections of the plant, even in degraded conditions,
through the precise control of all the functions of the valve, in compliance with the UMM regulation No. 05.1.09.
The valve, made with AISI 316 stainless steel, is positioned between the pumping system and the water
distribution network and is able to operate both in wet and dry conditions.
Its particular design, gives it an high flexibility in the operating modes in accordance with the general logic of
operation of the system.
It can be controlled either manually or electrically with remote control, maintaining the last command state
received even in presence of cable cut or in absence of power supply.
On the valve have been indeed integrated instruments and components suitable for controlling and monitoring
the system both in stand-by and during normal operation.
New configuration provides greater security, less impact on costs, a lower number of components installed and
reduced installation times.


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