FIBROLASER: new detection systems for fire protection of tanks.

FIBROLASER: new detection systems for fire protection of tanks.

In the Oil & Gas sector, one of the elements most exposed to the risk of a fire is represented by hydrocarbon storage tanks.

Protecting these environments and preventing the risk of a fire is essential in order to avoid environmental and economic disasters.

In this sense, the fire detection system plays a fundamental role because it’s the only strategic tool that allows to activate as quickly as possible the safety measures needed to control the fire.

The collaboration between Tema Sistemi and Siemens, has led to the deployment of new technologies at the service of detection systems for the protection of tanks through the fiber optic sensor cable (Siemens Fibrolaser III), a device completely immune to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference, suitable for installation in ATEX areas.

Unlike traditional systems with thermosensitive cable, detection systems with fiber optic cable allows to take a predictive action against the fire: the detection of the fire occurs in the early phase because the system also intervenes to increase the thermal gradient. (set via software according to the protection to be applied).

These systems are able to locate the fire in a timely manner, identify the direction and categorize the size of the fire, allowing to adjust the countermeasures to be taken. All this can be integrated in a Management System/SCADA that allows the visualization and monitoring of the temperature along the whole protected area.
Moreover, following a fire alarm, the sensor cable can be reset, restoring its efficiency and functionality without need for repair.

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