Naval structures are by far the most complex structures to protect from fire.
This complexity derives both from the presence of very different environments and from the different load conditions and weather-sea variables to which the units are subject.
In addition, the fire-fighting design of navy vessels is even more complicated:
navy vessels, unlike merchant or passenger ships, must ensure operation during all mission profiles including warfare.

Tema Sistemi is able to offer a whole range of fire-fighting systems for military ships designed according to IMO, MIL and UMM regulations.
The company has designed fire-fighting systems for all the navy ships currently under construction in Italy: 1 logistic support ship, 2 multipurpose high-speed units, 3 Bergamini class frigates, 2 multipurpose offshore patrol vessels, 1 multi-purpose amphibious ship.

Depending on the environment to be protected, the company supplied systems with water mist, foam, CO2, wetting agent, twin agent and FK-5-1-12 technologies.
In order to provide for the use of these ships in “combact mode” trim, the systems were built with specific materials and components such as shock absorbers, reinforced structures, sectioning valves built according to UMM 05.1.09, item redundancy and water mist marine bronze or Aisi316 steel nozzles.
In addition, “real impact tests” were carried out to test the implant’s resistance in real-life situations.

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