Tema Sistemi: High pressure water mist technology for Indian Railways.

Tema Sistemi: High pressure water mist technology for Indian Railways.

Designing fire-fighting systems for railway environments means facing problems of limited storage space for extinguishing agents: passenger wagons, driver’s cabs, motors, electrical panels and control panels are difficult to protect as they are characterized by small spaces.
The need to maximise useful space implies a drive towards dimensional optimisation.
In pursuit of this objective, Tema Sistemi, a company specialized in design, production and installation of fire-fighting systems, has developed for the Indian Railways a solution that allows these spaces to be optimised by using twin-fluid technology that combines water and nitrogen.

In fact, unlike other technologies on the market that use nitrogen as a propeller of water, this solution simultaneously exploits the cooling and extinguishing power of the water and the inert properties of nitrogen, allowing to use less water and save usable space.
In collaboration with Indian partner Chaitanya Electricals Pvt., the company has supplied  twin-fluid systems to protect the passenger cabins of the South East Railway in Bilaspur, the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, the Modern Coach Factory in Raebareli and the Carriage Work Shop in Mumbai.
The supply of the systems took place after obtaining the approval from the Research Development and Standards Organization (RDSO), of Manak Nagar – Lucknow, the research and development organization of the Indian Ministry of Railways.

Article published on “Antincendio” magazine – EPC Editore
September 2018

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