Aquatech® GAP, Smart Pump unit for Water mist systems

Aquatech® GAP, Smart Pump unit for Water mist systems

Aquatech® GAP is our modular and customizable pump unit, engineered and manufactured to keepAquatech® performances always at the top level.


The system is located in a dedicated room and allows a flexible installation: can be custom built in different size and flow rate. Moreover, on every single pump skid we can assemble a variable quantity ofelectric motor. This aspect is particularly relevant for applications with a high demand of spaces andpower resources optimization.

Cost saving

Equipped with a frequency converter and an advanced software control, the GAP unit optimizes the electric motor operation by providing only the required volume of water. Thanks to the innovativeinverter technology, the fire fighting system no longer needs big quantity of power supply, allowing a significant operational cost saving.


The most extraordinary characteristic of GAP technology is to make Water mist system operation and control 100% automatic, thanks to: a PLC control system equipped with HMI interface for in site control and management of the system and the exclusive service of remote support.  Thanks toAquatech® GAP, the operator is there but you do not see him. In case of system malfunction or damage, the intervention of the operator on site is no longer needed: the system is controlled at distance.  All operations required to put the system on safety and to avoid any operational interruption are driven on remote control.

Design Made in Italy

If you know our history, you know how much we care about elegance when developing our reliable fire fighting products. Every detail is relevant to us. That is why we created Aquatech® GAP Deluxe: the smart Pump unit technology, enhanced by a Made in Italy design. Aquatech® GAP Deluxe is provided of a control system with touch screen panel able to display all the status of the system, using a user-friendly and elegant graphic interface.

The HMI system is engineered and manufactured on the basis of clients’ needs, according to the system technical specifications.  The system records every event and any action carried out on it (any operation performed directly on the panel or on the control cabinet, manual or remote actuation, etc…) displaying the alerts related to the control and maintenance program activities. Thanks to the elegant, automatic and smart GAP Deluxe technology, we leave nothing to chance. All events, every single changing is recorded by the system and can be controlled both on site and by remote.


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