EXCLUSIVE: Tema Sistemi introduces Aquatech Deluxe at stand 1-325F during Intersec 2014 – Dubai.

Great show, One of the largest Fire & Safety Conference worldwide, the perfect meeting place between East & West.


It’s time to introduce in middle east market  a range of our latest technologies, including Aquatech Deluxe.

The benefits of Aquatech Deluxe:

Elegant installation

-Minimal weight and space requirement

-Small size of piping

-Aquatec® concealed nozzles are perfectly integrated with the area to be protected

Intelligence and invisible

-Low water usage: it uses up to 10 times lower than traditional water systems

-Fire detection’s faceplate can be color-matched to the ceiling


-Tested in the company indoor and outdoor test grounds and certified by the most renowned international certification body

Fire protections systems covered in this show includes as following:


-Aquatech®Water Mist


-Chemical gas

-Nargotech®Inert gas


-Wetting Agent

-Twin Agent

-Fire&Gas Detection

Drop by our stand and meet the sales team!

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