Aquatech Deluxe

Integrated water mist protection & fire detection system

We blend High performance fire protection, advanced fire detection technology & luxury to create the definitive all-out fire protection.

Integrated Technology, Innovative Design.

Aquatech Deluxe is an innovative integrated and automatic system of fire detection and suppression.

Aquatech Deluxe is the successful result of the integration between Aquatech® water mist fire protection by Tema Sistemi & Swing Fire detection Wireless technology by Siemens to ensure safety people, environments, properties, protected from fire hazards by a luxury solution.

Aquatech® water mist fire protection and Swing fire detection blend harmoniously ensuring unobtrusive protection and meet safety requirements while blending smoothly into the decor.

The real Luxury is in the details

Aesthetic and Functionality. Made with high quality material, Aquatech® concealed nozzles by Tema Sistemi are the smallest ones available on the international market. Due to their modern and compact design they provide a low architectural impact, respecting the aesthetic needs of any luxury space. The nozzles accessories can be customized with different colors and materials.

Feeling Safe, Being Free. Fire detection is the ideal solution for spaces with aesthetic or architecturalrestrictions. Thanks to wireless technology, devices can be quickly and freely positioned and repositioned. This facilitates planning, allows for cost-efficient installation and offers a high level of freedom andflexibility should room usage or building structure change in the future.

3 reasons why you should choose Aquatech Deluxe

Elegant installation.

-Minimal weight and space requirement

-Small size of piping

-Aquatech® concealed nozzles are perfectly integrated with the area to be protected

Intelligence and invisible.

-Low water usage: it uses up to 10 times lower than traditional water systems

-Fire detection’s faceplate can be color-matched to the ceiling


-Tested in the company indoor and outdoor test grounds and certified by the most renowned international certification body.

Aquatech Deluxe is based on a unique concept

Developed specifically for fire protection in buildings with a high architectural standard:

-jewelry stores & boutiques;


-luxury buildings;


-business centres;

-art galleries.

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