Twin Agent fire extinguishing systems

Sistema brandeggio monitoreTwin Agent fire extinguishing systems provide an excellent protection for class A, B and C fires in the following extreme cases:

  • Fires in which “time” is a decisive factor is for man safety
  • Lack of any form of energy, external power supply or water supply
  • Three-dimensional fires of considerable gravity and in areas of particularly high risk

The combined use of powder and foam is a mix particularly effective because it combines the speed of the powder to suppress flames with the ability of the foam to control the fire re-ignition.

monitore binatoTwin Agent fire extinguishing systems are produced by Tema Sistemi SpA in different portable or fixed versions, such as the traditional wheeled units 50lt 50lt transportable and usable by a single operator and fixed units engineered according to the areas to be protected and usable at least by two operators.

Applications of Twin Agent fire extinguishing systems

Fixed version of Twin Agent fire extinguishing systems are particularly suitable for airports, heliports, fly decks of civil and military vessels, offshore platforms, landing platforms, skyscrapers.

All versions of Twin Agent systems are approved and certified by Military Certification Bodies for Marine applications.

Tema Sistemi SpA has obtained the certification of Twin Agent fire extinguishing systems for Navy applications in accordance with RINA regulations (“FREMM Frigates Consolidated Edition 2006″), carrying out with successful results the strict tests of resistance to shock according to NAV-30-A001 and ensuring the protection of fly decks of new and futuristic units of the Italian Navy.

Components of Twin Agent fire extinguishing systems

Main components:

  • Powder  tanks;
  • Foam tanks;
  • Double monitor manually operated or remote operated with onboard camera
  • Double hose reels with double branch pipe
  • Pneumatic control station for monitor and hose reel
  • Air skid with cylinders units to pressurize tanks and air dehumidification cabinet

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