Fire Safety Innovation

Tema Sistemi S.p.A. is an Italian company founded in 1990. Modern and dynamic organization, it is specialized in engineering and manufacturing of fire protection systems.

Professionalism  and dedication of the team work, the strategic vision, a continuous study and research allow to prevent and to solve dangers connected to fire with high innovative technical solutions, respecting environment and human health safety.

Tema Sistemi S.p.A. , thanks to high technical expertise of specialists and know-how of high-profile,  with its dedicated solutions, protects fire risks in the fields of:


High technology fire fighting solutions

The management flexibility combined with the commitment to research new solutions permit the development of technologically advanced fire fighting systems based on:

Fire fighting systems produced by Tema Sistemi both traditional and innovative combine technical characteristics, high reliability and flexibility allowing to create fire fighting performance tailored to the customer.
Each solution is tested in the company laboratories and approved by the most prestigious International Certification Bodies.

EGIM5028In addition to the traditional fire fighting systems, in recent years the Research and Development Department has been involved to develop an innovative water mist fire fighting system, total flooding type, trademarked with the brand Aquatech®.

The mentioned system, characterized by a high level of modularity and advanced performances, is able to extinguish the most dangerous fires thanks to the creation of a fog produced by a turbulent movement of small water drops.

The water mist system Aquatech® is environmental friendlyand represents the right alternative and the natural solution based on an intelligent and efficient use of water.

Aquatech® is the most suitable solution for industrial, civil, marine applications and for the protection of railways units and cultural heritage.

In particular, the will to catch new business opportunities has led the Company to focus on luxury shipbuilding through the water mist system diversification in two brands Mar35 and Mar63, advanced fire protection systems on board of yachts that combine technology and design perfectly integrated to the structure.

In addition, Tema Sistemi offers a wide range of traditional chemical gases, inert gases and CO2 fire extinguishing systems.

Industrial research and experimental development have led in recent years to explore opportunities for alternative solutions becoming actually the Company core products such as Nargotech®a inert gas firefighting, a “clean agent” fire extinguishing system that uses a mixture of argon and nitrogen, inert gases naturally present in the air and ensuring a timely fire extinguishing in the total respect of environment.

Focused for over 20 years on the needs of Oil&Gas field and all companies exposed to highest fire risks,  Tema Sistemi has developed an innovative product line of foam and water firefighting equipment able to guarantee high performances for the most dangerous fire risks.

Tema Sistemi develops innovative fire extinguishing systems that use special additives, a new generation of  wetting and encapsulating agents that added to the water enhance its extinguishing capabilities.

staff tema sistemiThanks to the expertise in marine applications, both military and civil and in the presence of fires of considerable gravity, a line of  Twin Agent firefighting systems produced by Tema Sistemi provide an excellent fire protection giving customers an ideal partner for shipbuilding and Defense worlds.

The electronics division, with the precious collaboration of the most renowned brands in the fire detection industry, has gained excellence in engineering, customization and implementation of sophisticated Fire & Gas detection systems.

Customer orientation

Tema Sistemi with its skilled and professional team is able to offer a Global Service with the aim to guarantee the efficiency of existing fire fighting systems and equipment, providing a continuous assistance for all types of firefighting systems through a direct assistance network in domestic market and worldwide through international partnerships  with local companies.

The company has two test grounds for indoor and outdoor fire simulations in order to assess the performance of fire extinguishing systems and to test new technologies in compliance with the company philosophy strongly “customer oriented”.

Tema Sistemi worldwide

Over the years the company has consolidated its presence and its strength in the international market establishing partnerships  with estimated companies abroad. The business development plan is for Tema Sistemi an ambitious challenge with successful results.

Today, Tema Sistemi is present in the following areas:

  • East Europe
  • Central Africa
  • North Africa
  • West Africa
  • Middle East
  • Russia

If you need advice on safety or are interested in our innovative fire protection systems, contact us!