Aquatech® Water Mist Extinguishing System


Fire protection for people, property and environment

A fire can happen anytime, anywhere and affects everyone. That’s why fire protection professionals like you rely on Aquatech® water mist suppression system to keep ships, civil and historical buildings, turbines, railways vehicles and other facilities safe from fire.

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img1Aquatech® is a highly innovative high-pressure Water Mist fire extinguishing system designed, developed, tested and certified by Tema Sistemi S.p.A. Aquatech® water mist system is characterized by a high level of modularity and by advanced operational performance in order to be able to extinguish the most dangerous fires due to the generation of a fog through the turbulent motion of directional water droplets.

The technological solutions based on water mist are contained in two product lines Aquatech® which uses only high-pressure water and Aquatech® Plus which operates at a low pressure and uses water mixed with a special additive wetting agent type.

Thanks to the many progresses in Aquatech® water mist technology, water-based fire suppression works in the best intelligent and efficient way, in a wide variety of applications. Benefits of using water mist system:


  • Low water usage: minimized damage to structures and furnishings
  • Gas and Smoke Suppression


  • Fast: immediate activation and rapid cooling without warning time


  • Safe: harmless to people, property and environment
  • Better visibility during discharge


  • Easy installation: thanks to small size of the pipes
  • Minimal weight and space requirement
  • No sealed space


4 reasons why you should choose Aquatech®

For superior performance and reliability, helping customers protect people, equipment and facilities from the dangers of fire, Aquatech® represents the next generation in highly intelligent water mist solutions, thanks to its unique advantages, such as:



  • Low water usage: it uses up to 10 times lower than traditional water systems


  • Proven: tested in the company indoor and outdoor test grounds and certified by the most renowned international certification body
  • Low water consumption nozzles: from 5.3 LxMin to 10.0 LxMin
  • Twin-fluid valves: making the water very dry



  • Elegant installation: Aquatech® nozzles ø 26mm h 26mm are the smallest water mist multiexit nozzles in the market perfectly integrated with the area to be protected. Nozzles are completely engineered and manufactured by Tema Sistemi S.p.A..
  • Easy installation: thanks to system of junctions pre welded

Effective cost

  • Long system lifetime: thanks to the sole use of water, as a sustainable extinguishing agent, which will not be subject to legislative restrictions
  • No disposal cost for extinguishing agent, lower cost for maintenance and recharge


Where to use Aquatech®

Marine fire protection

  • Military ships
  • Passengers ships
  • Yachts

Industry fire protection

  • Onshore e Offshore platforms
  • Petrochemical areas
  • Turbines
  • Transformers and electrical substations
  • Cables galleries and conduits
  • Telecommunication, computer and electrical rooms
  • Machinery spaces
  • Industrial areas
  • Production sites
  • Oil tanks

Civil and Historical Buildings fire protection

  • Warehouses and deposits
  • Archives
  • Car parks
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Historical buildings

Transportation fire protection

  • Railways vehicles
  • Galleries/Tunnels
  • Hangars
  • Stations and Subways
  • Airports


Tema Sistemi is with you every step of the way

Tema Sistemi S.p.A. provides a complete support including consultancy, engineering, assistance, maintenance, offering a worldwide widespread assistance for all types of firefighting systems and equipment, thanks to the partnership with local dealers.


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Case studies


Travel safely

Aquatech ® protects the new generation coaches type IC , belonging to a leading European transport company. Resistance to vibration, the use of low temperatures and the dimensions smaller than the common civil and industrial systems are the main benefits of Aquatech®.


Protect the history for future generations

The 14 archives of the Palazzo dei Cerretani (XVI century) located in Florence are protected by Aquatech ®. The archives are located on three floors with a total area of ​​314,22 m2 and an average height of 3.15 m. Aquatech ® system was chosen because:

  • it will cause no damages to archives upon activation,
  • elegant and easy installation, thanks to its nozzles, the smallest water mist multiexit nozzles.